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Personal taste dictates that no two homes will be exactly the same. What is comfortable and stylish for you may not work for your neighbour, and vice versa. This is a wonderful thing, considering what a boring world it would have been had everyone’s homes looked the same (or all of us dressed the same). 

But regardless of what your chosen design style is, or what you consider “hot”, there is no denying the exceptional appeal that today’s discovery here on homify 360° presents. Yes, it is a family home, and yes it is located in the suburbs: but it is most definitely not what you would expect to find.

Curious? Then see for yourself…

Who’s watching whom?

From the top-floor balcony of this stunner, one can enjoy the super surroundings of the suburbs and lush trees forming a peaceful background. 

Flaunting a sumptuous dose of whites, the facade presents a very neutral and calm look, yet enjoys a bit of character by including some warm timbers and garden spots. And although the majority of the house is hidden behind a security wall, we can already judge by this view that this house is a looker.

Charming interiors

Where warm timber took second place in the facade’s look, it enjoys first prize in the interior setting. Just look at that gorgeous stunner of a gleaming floor, beautifully adorning the surface from wall to wall and ensuring that a decadent dose of warm charm gets added to the interior palette. 

When it comes to the furniture and décor pieces, traditional elements and materials mix quite well with modern touches (don’t miss that wall-mounted flat-screen TV). And since it’s located in such a spacious open-plan, this dining area has no complaints whatsoever when it comes to comfort or legroom.

Comfort and style

It would seem that “comfort” was the keyword our designers had in mind when constructing the living room. For here we have plush daybeds, comfortable pillows, adequate flooring surfaces, a modern fireplace, and a wall-mounted television to ensure that the best Hollywood blockbusters (or nature shows, depending on our homeowners’ choice of viewings) are enjoyed in style. 

Notice how the spots of colours (ruby red and fern green) stylishly make their announcements on that neutral-toned rug, while the built-in bookcase ensures that the artificial lighting levels are more than adequate.

Incorporating some character

Throughout the home we have seen a beautiful use of warm timber surfaces. However, it would seem that the kitchen decided to be different, opting for a more brick-and-concrete look, with wood adorning only a small portion of the wall next to the peninsula. 

But whoever said that this is a bad thing? This kitchen flaunts a very rich industrial-type look, bringing in some delicious character via patterned mosaic tiles, striking bar stools, and stainless steel appliances.

The master suite

Time to see what the top floor has in store, and here is where we locate the more private areas of the house – such as this stunning master suite. 

Although definitely of the modern style, the bedroom teases us ever so slightly with a vintage look via the padded headboard, looking superbly striking when paired with the seabreeze-blue focal wall and hot-honey wooden floor. 

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The bathroom that’s clever about space

The bathroom definitely knows how to work with its limited space. A generously sized mirror visually doubles the room, while select lighting fixtures add just the right amount of spark and dazzle. 

The dusty magenta of the walls brings in some cheerful style, ensuring that the white-framed wall art become that much more prominent. 

But our favourite piece here has to be that stone surface of the focal wall and floor, neatly accentuating the natural elements and materials that have been used throughout the house.

The outdoor paradise

We couldn’t think of a better way to conclude our tour than by taking a glimpse at the stunning back yard. As we can see, it boasts a majestic swimming pool with wooden decking, complete with stylish loungers, and is situated a hop and a skip away from the kitchen. 

A fresh dose of plants and trees conjure up an almost tropical vibe that goes a long way in making this backyard get-together most tranquil and appealing.

What do you think of this house with its mixing-and-matching of styles? Sound off in our comments space, below...

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