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Exploring a Serengeti Estate Home

Leigh Leigh
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Designed by local Kempton Park architect professionals, Clearviz Designs, today's home in the Serengeti Estate in Gauteng is going to take your breath away.

The real Serengeti is located in Africa, extending from northern Tanzania to south-west Kenya. A Seven Natural Wonder of Africa and the home of the Serengeti National Park, this is a region that anyone would be thrilled to live in. Beautiful and pristine, it's no wonder this estate was named after this incredible region. 

Today at homify, we are going to see how this beautiful home is designed to fit perfectly into the surrounds, while still maintaining a strategic balance between function and aesthetics.

The family home

From the outside, we can see how subtle yet stylish this home is. It's not the biggest house on the block nor is it the most ostentatious, but it's still incredibly sophisticated!

The designers have paired a wooden facade with neutral plastered walls as well as a large stone driveway. This creates a very warm, inviting and earthy look and feel.  The garages can store up to four vehicles, which allows this home to be used by all of the family members and friends, while their cars can be stored safely away. (Have a look at these garage designs for modern homes.)

The space available to the designers has been played with where we can see different volumes, shapes and dimensions emerging. We can also see that this home is private from the outside. We would never know that inside we will find two guest bedrooms, a courtyard, a swimming pool, a living room, a dining room and an open plan kitchen!

Don't you love the touch of red in the facade, which adds a little bit of personality and life to the exterior?

Gorgeously expansive

If we take a peek into the back garden, we can see just how large this home truly is. The open plan living space on the bottom floor spills out onto the large terrace, which then opens up onto a very big garden and pool area. This is the height of luxury!

The terrace allows for entertaining during the summer months, while the lawn means plenty of outdoor games for the kids. The swimming pool is a place for the whole family to get some exercise and enjoy spending time together as well as a must for the South African summer months. Couldn't you imagine hosting braai's out here?

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The designers have opted for neutral colours throughout the exterior including grey and browns. This creates a subtle yet elegant look and feel.

The terrace

If we take a closer look at the terrace in this home, we come across a luxurious outdoor setting that makes us feel like we are at a five star lodge in the Serengeti!

The terrace features modern terrace furniture, including sun loungers, coffee tables, comfortable chairs and a variety of beautiful plants and flowers.

The dark wooden deck complements the white furniture beautifully, making this space look like a peaceful haven. They grey stone facade further enhances these colours and adds a delightful modern and elegant, yet rustic touch to this space.

Tip: If you opt for a terrace like this, be sure to invest in durable furniture. You may also want to have a little under cover space where you pack away the cushions when you aren't using them so they don't get ruined in the weather conditions.

The hot tub

We have to have a look at this hot tub, which is featured on this lavish terrace. This is a spot where you can enjoy evening sun downers underneath the stars or a morning cup of coffee and some steam before work!

A feature like this can enhance your entire home, adding a bit of luxury and class to an ordinary terrace.

We can also see what an important role outdoor lighting plays in this home. The steps that lead up to the hot tub as well as the perimetre wall are enhanced by soft little lights that illuminate every detail. Not only is this functional, allowing the residents to see where they are going at night, but it also adds ambiance and romance to this space.

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Are you impressed with this beautiful home?

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