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A Large but Cosy Home

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
Country style house by RIBA MASSANELL S.L. Country
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Whether it’s a garden cottage or 10-room mansion, homify 360° is all about fantastic architectural beauty. Although today’s discovery is a little bit larger than what we usually focus on, it still flaunts a striking vision that one cannot overlook.

This hotel meets home, located in sunny Spain, presents a raw look of exposed stone and fabulous wooden details. As anybody who is a fan of the rustic style will agree, wood always makes a grand impression. Known for being a strong, flexible, and very adaptable material, wood also has the added characteristics of being environmentally friendly, recyclable, and a well-known thermal insulator – no wonder it’s regarded as one of the most popular construction materials, and not just for the rustic designs.

A look at the back

To conclude our tour of this stunner of an accommodation, we take a quick glance at the back side – and what a vision! This view most definitely gives the front facade a run for its money, as a generous portion of glass panes also gets added to the wood-and-stone mix. 

A large open lawn ensures a bit of freshness (and contrasting greens), making this hotel look even more inviting and stunning. What a stylish stay a visit in this supreme structure must be!

The front entrance

It’s an exquisite marriage between contrasting neutrals that conjure up the facade. Warm and homely timber the colour of hot caramel, and cool and relaxed stone in a variety of earthy grey tones. 

We start off our tour with a look at the main entrance, where French doors and shutters, all adorned in the same charming wooden look, stand ready and waiting to bid the visitor welcome.

An intermingling of volumes

To the right of the front entrance, we locate a single-floor volume which turns out to be the dining area of the hotel. But just because it’s a ground-floor setting does not mean it lacks a glorious look, for that rustic beauty of stone and wood can be found all over the exterior surfaces. 

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A rural setting

Stepping back slightly, we get a brilliant view of the entire structure as the whole body comes into focus. The surrounding areas of wooden fences, concrete footpaths, and stone garden all complement that rustic look most splendidly.

One cannot help but wonder what a winter wonderland this setting would turn into once some decent snow starts falling, framing that stone and wood in a crisp-white scenery. 

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Majestic porches

Snow or sunshine, there is no need to retreat indoors if you want to have a relaxing sit-down to enjoy the surrounding rural landscape – simply head to the rear facade where a grand overhang of the roof makes for a stunning porch

We can spend all day gawking at those majestic timber beams and what warmth and charm they add to the scene – but let’s rather have a quick look at the interior setting, shall we?

Warm and cosy interiors

That’s the thing about rustic-styled interiors – they always seem so cosy and inviting (must be all the warm-toned timbers). And fortunately, this structure is no exception.

The hotel’s large dining room flaunts quite a few features to make this setting most breathtaking: a stunning dose of wood for the ceiling, quite successfully mimicking the outside porch’s layout; more than ample space for a large number of guests to dine and move comfortably; a generous helping of large windows to ensure some stunning sunshine becomes part of the interiors; and a royal fireplace coated in chocolate-brown wood to transform even the harshest winter day in a snug and comfy interior oasis.

We’re curious what you think, so share your thoughts on this structure in our comments section below.
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