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Garden Storage Ideas

Garden Storage Ideas

Find the best garden storage ideas and designs to match your style. Browse through images and ideabooks or find a professional to help with your garden storage.
Find the best garden storage ideas and designs to match your style. Browse through images and ideabooks or find a professional to help with your garden storage.

Garden storage is a luxury for anyone with a garden large enough. A sense of storage space inside and outside a property is imperative. On the homify site you will find an extensive collection of garden storage solutions from previous homes that have attention to detail and great functionality for garden fencing. You will find many creative possibilities to personalise an outdoor storage solution to your taste. Browse and be inspired by some all-time classics and contemporary designs. 

What type of garden storage should I choose?

The benefits of timber storage units are endless and wooden storage units naturally blend into your garden. The timber storage units are more ascetically pleasing and can be coated with decorative treatments to suit your garden. If you want the look of a shed, but have limited space then a timber storage unit is an ideal solution for outdoor storage.

Metal garden storage is another outdoor storage option, and is both robust and strong. In terms of garden storage there are very large options available. If safety is a concern, it can always be secured using a pad lock so your valuable items in outdoor storage is safe. This is quite a low maintenance option and somewhat cheaper than timber equivalents

Plastic storage boxes also have their advantages as they’re durable and have a very lightweight design. They are pad lockable for added security, and easy to put together or relocate. The best part about plastic storage boxes as a garden storage option is there is no maintenance required.

What are some good garden storage ideas?

A small garden shed or storage space can make a big difference, as it can help you de-clutter your home and store all of your belongings in an efficient and safe manner, protecting them from South Africa’s harsh weather conditions.

If you are looking for a place where you can store your gardening equipment or your seasonal tools, clothes and other objects, homify has plenty of inspiration for garden storage ideas.

You might think that building your own garden shed will take a lot of time. However, things do not have to be as difficult as you imagine. If you are still interested in hiring a professional, there are many on homify you could look to for assistance. Homify has other ideas to get the most out of your outdoor storage.

If you are passionate about gardening and you want to keep all your lawn mowers, tree pruning devices or forks in one place, or if you are a DIY guru who loves to know that all his tools are safely and securely stored, PVC is a great choice for organizing and storing all of your tools in a careful and organised manner.

If you have an old bench that you are thinking about recycling, it could turn into a storage bench for seating and garden storage. This is a multi-purpose and multifunctional idea with loads of benefits in the long run.

What are some important considerations before getting a garden shed?

Before installing storage units, lay down cinder blocks, concrete piers, a concrete slab or at least crushed stone.

Natural wood is usually the most attractive siding for storage units. But wood exposed over time to water usually rots. Some woods, however, contain natural resins that make them relatively rot-resistant. Cedar is such a wood and very popular as a siding choice for storage units. But even cedar siding is not maintenance-free. Coat cedar with a UV-inhibiting sealer/preservative every other year to protect it from the harsh South African sun.

Have you seen any good garden storage ideas recently?

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