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Garden Fencing

Garden Fencing

Find the best garden fencing ideas, designs & inspiration to match your style. Browse through images & ideabooks of garden fencing or find a professional to help with your garden fencing.
Find the best garden fencing ideas, designs & inspiration to match your style. Browse through images & ideabooks of garden fencing or find a professional to help with your garden fencing.

With the high crime rate in SA, Protecting your home and family is your top priority.  You can browse online for reference projects, inspiration and many fencing solutions, ranging from classic designs to the latest developments in perimeter aesthetics to suit your home.

A sense of space inside and outside a property is imperative. On the homify site you will find an extensive collection of fencing solutions from previous projects that have attention to detail and great functionality for garden fencing. You will find many creative possibilities to personalise a fencing solution to your taste. Browse and be inspired by some all-time classics and contemporary designs. 

What makes a good garden fence?

One that requires zero maintenance and will not need to be replaced is always good.

With a good wooden fence, you will no longer spend money and waste time maintaining wooden or steel products. This means no more sanding, scraping, sealing or painting.

If you live around Durban for example a good fence is one that is ideal for harsh coastal conditions or any other environment where aluminium and steel corrode and rust and where wood rots. A good fence is immune to insects. A good garden fence must be strong and durable to withstand extreme wind loads and forces, so it remains in tact in the event of your car bumping it, hopefully not though touch wood.

An environmentally friendly option is always good.

UV resistant options are good so they do not brittle or discolour abnormally, as with many cheaper, recently available on the South African market. Ensure you find a garden fence manufactured from a superior grade of titanium dioxide (TiO2) which makes them UV resistant and engineered for the South African climate.

Most importantly you want a good garden fence that still looks good. Look out for outdoor products that will add to the aesthetic appeal of your property and will increase its value and street appeal.

What are some good garden fencing ideas?

Depending on the occasion you could embellish with decorations e.g for Christmas time. Dress up a plain picket fence with garden art like metal stars painted to match the colour scheme of the fence. Leave them in place year-round or change them to fit the season or holiday. A classic white picket fence makes a charming addition to any garden, and is especially welcoming for guests.

Be sure you have a sturdy fence and securely hold wood fence rails in place with a brick pillar. Match the brick to others used in your patio or on your house to tie various landscape elements together. Cap the brick column with a flat piece of slate to shed water.

One good idea is to add more privacy. Tightly packed stakes create privacy and interest. Here, bamboo is packed into a frame of sturdy, upright timbers. Create a fun textural contrast by using feathery plantings in beds lining the panels.

For a more geometric look, create a contemporary feel with interesting rails. In keeping with the long, straight lines and tightly clipped formality of the rest of the landscape, this fence uses horizontal wood rails strengthened by diagonal boards in a triangular pattern.

What are the different types of garden fencing?

-Closeboard fencing—closeboard is made up of overlapping vertical boards of timber. This is the strongest and heaviest panel. It gives you complete privacy and is ideal for boundary fencing.

-Overlap fencing—this is made from overlapping horizontal timber boards. It's a cheaper fence that offers high levels of privacy.

-Palisade—you get both visibility and good security from this traditional picket-type fence.

-Trellis—use trellis on its own as open screen fencing or as a decorative panel on top of a solid fence.

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