How to repair cracked wooden bench?

​Hey there! I am a office manager and my colleague just told me that one of the wooden benches in our chilling area is cracked. Does anyone know how to repair it??

Luke Goodwin
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What colour can I paint my house?

​Good evening homify team. I want to renovate my house and paint it in a different colour. Any suggestion about the colour?

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How to remove red wine stains from a white wall?

My brother just knocked a glass of red wine over and it went over the white wall of our living room...we tried to wipe the stains off with a piece of cloth but it didn't work. Any other ideas???

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What kind of curtains?

​Can anyone suggest me some kind of curtains, materials, colours...for this kind of arched windows? It's always light outside and the blinds that I currently have can not solve the problem.


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How can I decorate an old room in a modern way?

Hi everyone! I had the opportunity to move to a bigger house but I don't like the decorations and the furniture I got. I'm not good at DIY/home decor and don't have much budget for renovating it will be great if you guys have any idea about revamping the room! Cheers.

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How to remove stains from a plastic surface?

​Hi, I have several plastic jars with patches of tomato sauce and yellowish spots of fat. Does anyone know how to remove them? Thanks!

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Help!!! What should I do to defrost my fridge?!

​Hello there!

I just moved to a new apartment, everything was great and very neat. But when I took a look into the freezer, I was SHOCKED! It was dirt and ice everywhere...I even saw a broken ice pack (it's my assumption based on the smell and colour of the mess) which was probably caused by exploded beer inside of the pack.

What do I do now? Defrost? All suggestions are welcome!!

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How to decorate bathroom in a rented flat?

​Hi everyone! I just moved to a new flat and this is the only bathroom I got. I want to give it a revamp but I'm not allowed to renovate it because the apt is rented. Do you have any simple and cheap solution to decorate the bathroom? I'm not very good at DIY but I really want to give my bathroom a new look. Thanks in advance!

Rose Elizabeth
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