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How to repair cracked wooden bench?

​Hey there! I am a office manager and my colleague just told me that one of the wooden benches in our chilling area is cracked. Does anyone know how to repair it??

Luke Goodwin
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What colour can I paint my house?

​Good evening homify team. I want to renovate my house and paint it in a different colour. Any suggestion about the colour?

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How to remove red wine stains from a white wall?

My brother just knocked a glass of red wine over and it went over the white wall of our living room...we tried to wipe the stains off with a piece of cloth but it didn't work. Any other ideas???

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What kind of curtains?

​Can anyone suggest me some kind of curtains, materials, colours...for this kind of arched windows? It's always light outside and the blinds that I currently have can not solve the problem.


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