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Make a one hanger for your wardrobe

Nancy Amon _ homify Avatar Nancy Amon _ homify


  • Gate valve
  • Double sink tube
  • Pip fittings
  • Pipe (galvanized, copper or PVC)


It’s always nice to have a signature look, or something completely different to the norm. In this DIY post, we will show you how to make a unique wardrobe hanger with an industrial flair.

3 hoursDifficultyEasy

Step 1: Materials acquired

These materials can be found at a hardware and plumbing stores, but sometimes you’re lucky enough to salvage parts from a geyser installation such as pipes, valves, and couplings. Make sure that they are still in nice shape to use.

Step 2: Hanging items

Your bags and other items will be hung from the valves attached to the pipe. What’s more is that you can change the valves colours if you want. Socket gate valves where used on this pipe.

Step 3: Industrial charm

This industrial finish is what you’ll have after securing it in your wardrobe. We also made use of double-sided sink tubes as seen in this picture. Remember the amount of screw couplings on the pipe will depend on how many valves you want to attach. Get even more DIY projects here.

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