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DIY: Double storey garden on wheels

Nancy Amon _ homify


  • 2 Wooden crates
  • 4 wheels and casters
  • 4 wooden legs
  • Lining material
  • Plastic lining
  • Soil and plant feed
  • Plants to place in your garden


The Cuchkind Blog is known for their elegant DIY ideas that will brighten up and create functional spaces within your home. Using only a few bits of materials, including 2 wooden crates, you can easily replicate this beautiful and very creative double storey garden on wheels for portability.

Now it’s your turn to have some creative fun and give this idea a try!

3 hoursDifficultyMedium

Step 1: Gathering the materials

In this picture you'll see some of the materials that you need for this easy DIY project. Its a super fun way to re-purpose old wooden crates in your home or garden.

Step 2: Applying the wheel casters

Apply the 4 wheel casters to each bottom corner of one of the wooden crates.

Step 3: Apply paint to the legs

With the colour of your choice, paint the 4 legs for your double storey garden on wheels.

Step 4: Attach the legs

In this next step, you’ll attach the painted legs onto the crates this will connect the double storey.

Step 5: Attach the crate

In this step you need to attach the 2 crates, we used glue and some nails just to make sure its more secure.

Step 6: Inner lining

To make sure the soil and plant feed stays in one place, inner lining is required.

Step 7: Add a plastic lining

To ensure the water doesn’t escape, another layer of plastic lining is added as seen in this picture here.

Step 8: Plant your garden

Add soil to the insides of the top crate as seen in this picture.

Step 9: Decorate and arrange plants

In the bottom crate, we've added 2 pot plants

Step 10: Plant them

In this step, you can choose your choice of plants to grow in your garden. Some people love aromatic plants.

Step 11: Finished product

Look at that beautiful end results! Find more great DIY projects to try at home.

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