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How to plan a kitchen? 4 easy steps

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The kitchen is one of the most practical yet aesthetically pleasing spaces in your home. You know how you work in your kitchen and you know which way the flow of your perfect kitchen should orient towards. Here are the 4 steps for you to planning your dream kitchen!

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Step 1: Space Layout

Step 1 of thinking about your kitchen project, is space planning. Even if it is a rough sketch with your designer at first, you will realise how simply perfect the kitchen fits into your style and function.

Step 2: Colour Scheme & Mood

Once you have figured out the space layout you can move onto step 2 with your designer. The colour scheme and mood. This step includes deciding on colour scheme and mood. You will keep natural lighting and floor space in mind. All viewing and focus points of the kitchen should also be considered.

Step 3: 3D Approval makes Real-life Perfect

3D Approval makes Real-life Perfect Step 3. Your designer will create Photorealistic 3D views of your kitchen project so that you can see how it will look in real-life.

Now is the time to bring up any changes you want to make. Make the changes while the project is still on paper. Once the project physically kicks off, any changes will increase the price as well.

Step 4: Sign off and Start

The designer will proceed with the formal paper work and documents. All drawings, samples and 3Ds will be signed off by you. Once payments have been made and signatures have been placed, the project can start.

The designer will visit the site regularly to make sure everything happens the way the project was signed off on.

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