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DIY fall leaf bookmark

LauraJacobs Avatar LauraJacobs


  • Fallen leaves
  • A piece of string
  • Paper punching machine


​As a symbol of both harvest and decay, autumn is seen as the most sentimental season of the year. It's nice to walk in the forest and enjoy the changing colours of the plants, but the melancholy also urge people to go home and enjoy the coziness of reading, fireplace and a cup of tea. Today we are going to show you how to make beautiful bookmarks out of falling leaves, which can surely make the journey of reading more joyful. Let's get started!

1 hourDifficultyEasy

Step 1: Prepare the materials

Pick up some fallen leaves (the more colourful the leaves, the better) in your garden or in the forest. Clean the leaves gently so that there will be no bugs/dusts on the bookmark. Let the leaves dry thoroughly.

Step 2: Separate the stems

​Next, separate the stem from the leaf. If you prefer to make bookmarks with the stems instead of strings, you may also keep the stems.

Step 3: Reinforcement

Use cellophane tape to reinforce the leaf and then punch a hole through it.

Step 4: The final touch

​After punching a hole, inserting a piece of string through the hole and tie a knot at the end. Now it's time to enjoy the reading time read your unique autumn bookmark!

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