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Bedroom Colours

Bedroom Colours

Find the best bathroom colour ideas and designs to match your style. Browse through images and ideabooks or find a professional to help with your bathroom colour scheme.
Find the best bathroom colour ideas and designs to match your style. Browse through images and ideabooks or find a professional to help with your bathroom colour scheme.

What are some good bedroom colour ideas?

Blue is a versatile shade that could work anywhere. But, because of its calming qualities, works best in spaces for contemplation and rest like bedrooms. It could look good to team it up with a soft, pale grey for a subtle colour scheme that you can dress up or down depending on the season.

Warm neutrals are the perfect backdrop for colourful furniture, cushions and paintings, as they help to create some harmony. They combine well with lively colours like green blue and red. Select a crisp, brilliant white for elegance and modernity.

Lavender is a mature pastel shade and ideal for a bedroom sanctuary. It has a sweet appearance and works surprisingly well with darker colours too, so could be a good idea to mix up different styles. You could browse homify for all sorts of inspiration from dark furniture and graphic prints, to industrial lighting.

Light yellow, or butter biscuit is a mellow shade so it’s a great choice for kids bedrooms as it’ll enhance natural light and bring an uplifting feel to playtime for children In adult space, try complementing this pastel yellow shade with a rich cocoa brown which will look less playful.

What are some good bedroom colour scheme ideas?

An all-white bedroom scheme is often glamorous, simple and sophisticated. You could make an oversized lace-pattern wallpaper the starting point for the room.

All-white bed linen is ideal for this look and you can layer it up with pillowcases, cushions and throws.

You can easily create order in the room with good storage solutions to avoid clutter. And if you enjoy the look and feel of natural wood, a bed with an oversized wooden headboard will look really effective. Mix up walnut, beech and birch with natural cotton bed linen in shades of taupe and white, and finish the look with sisal and woven rugs for a wonderfully natural look.

A striped wallpaper is a good starting point to use on a feature wall behind the bed to make it the focal point of the room. When it comes to furniture and accessories, less is more, so keep to simple shapes, unfussy styles and plain toning colours that won't compete with your feature wall.

Finish your bedroom colour scheme with crisp white cotton bed linen teamed with accent cushions and find ways to throw in deep navy.

Where can I find good bedroom colour ideas?

When you are envisioning your ideal bedroom, think first about how the room should feel. To help you decide, look to the colours you've chosen in other areas of your life. Look at what colours you usually purchase and what items make you feel your best. There will be hints in these shades that can lead you to expressing yourself in your bedroom, which will make you feel content.

Classic organic hues are a good starting point. If you look outside your bedroom windows for colours that naturally complement one another like green trees or blue skies, you can create the sense of luxury with hues borrowed from the greens and browns outside.

Have you seen any good bedroom colour ideas recently?

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