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Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel

Find the best bathroom remodel ideas and designs to match your style. Browse through images and photos of bathroom renovations or find a professional to help with remodelling your bathroom.
Find the best bathroom remodel ideas and designs to match your style. Browse through images and photos of bathroom renovations or find a professional to help with remodelling your bathroom.

Before making any decisions on how to start your bathroom renovation consider your skill set, budget and the time available to complete the project.

A major bathroom overhaul can easily cost thousands of Rands if you plan on moving things around and installing new fittings. A certified electrician must do any electrical work apart from cosmetic. A compliance certificate should then be issued upon completion. The homify website has many bathroom renovation ideas to help get you started.

Should I hire a professional for my bathroom remodel?

Many homeowners want a bathroom that offers a bit of luxury. This luxury can be achieved through increasing the size by changing the layout, a spa bath or adding a steam shower.

While the DIY route will save you money, there are some projects that are best left to the professionals like knocking down or building walls, plumbing or electrical work. Hiring a professional also ensures that a job is done in accordance with approved local government regulations and guidelines.

What does a bathroom remodel cost?

It’s entirely possible to get a great new bathroom, whatever your budget. The secret is finding a great designer with uncompromising standards. Although most home owners think that DIY design saves money, the truth is that hiring the right designer will not only save Rands and Cents, but will likely be less stressful too.

The price of bathroom renovations can be negotiable. All building work, including electrical installation, masonry and plumbing is priced by the square metre (m2) or metre, and prices should include VAT at 14 per cent.

The cost of total restoration by professional builders varies according to the type of work involved, the quality of materials used and the region. You should expect to pay a minimum of R1,000 per m2 to bring a ruin to a habitable condition and up to R7,000 per m2 for a top quality finishes, double glazing, full central heating, marble or expensive bathroom tiles.

It can be tempting to believe that every aspect of a bathroom remodel needs to be top-of-the-range in order to achieve a particular look and feel.  But the truth is that the longevity of the product is more cost-effective in the long run.

You will find many bathroom ideas and specialists on the homify website. An hour with the right professional should allow them to produce a design floor plan. They will be able to quote your bathroom renovation ahead of time with your budget constraints in mind and give you a feel for whether they’re a good match.

What are some common mistakes with bathroom renovations?

If you’re renovating, bathroom remodelling can be an expensive proposition. Not installing a bathroom fan is a common error. Without proper ventilation humidity builds up on surfaces, and over time this moisture will cause paint and grout to fade.

Overlooking small mistakes as you go is important. Even if one tile isn’t exactly level or your paint strokes are skew, fix it right away or they will bother you forever.

Lack of planning is another common error. You should have everything sketched out ahead of time, from your budget, to your materials, to the question of who will be doing which parts of the work. Bathroom renovations need not be more expensive than you anticipated so ensure enough planning goes into it early on.

What are the best tiles for my bathroom renovation ideas?

Porcelain tiles are a good option for the bathroom. They are often available glazed or unglazed –the latter may also be referred to as full-bodied tiles. These tiles are resistant to moisture, but if they are not polished, moisture will make them quite slippery.

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